Man in the sea


Antti Laitinen’s work “It’s My Island” has already been identified as an iconic work of the 2nd Athens Biennale. His performance of rowing his self made island as well as the one during which he built a new small island from scratch, are parts  of Faliro beach-goers’ daily life.



2 Responses to “Man in the sea”

  1. Αθήναιου Βορβορυγμοί » Blog Archive » Dérive Says:

    […] ισχυρίζονται ότι το έχουν κάνει αυτό, όπως ο Antti Laitinen την περφόρμανς του οποίου είδαμε στη 2η Μπιενάλε της Αθήνας και η […]

  2. wmmna: we make money not art Says:

    […] didn’t agree, and towed my island and me back up river. One year later, the police stopped my performance in Athens when I was building an island using small stones. Because we didn’t speak the same […]

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