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Michael Gibson – YNWA

August 26, 2009

Artist Michael Gibson worked with sound engineers at ARUP to create YNWA (2009), an installation of three sound samples: Liverpool football fans, the voice of Marcel Duchamp, and The Conversation by Francis Ford Coppola. These correspond to three functions: transposition, negation, and substitution.

The work was commissioned by the 2nd Athens Biennale 2009 HEAVEN, as part of the Splendid Isolation, Athens exhibition, curated by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz.

Listen to the sound piece by Michael Gibson, while touring through the space where it is presented, at the Biennale main venue.



monument to internet hookups

August 20, 2009

“Monument to Internet Hookups”, a work by Angelo Plessas, takes a ride through downtown Athens, from the Athens Pride parade to its exhibition space at Trocadero Park, close to the main Biennale venue. The work is a new production of the Biennale, part of the “Splendid Isolation, Athens” exhibition, curated by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, and is presented in collaboration with Athens Pride. More photos from “Monument to Internet Hookups” here.