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Little Angels

October 2, 2009

educational04weducational02weducational03weducational01wUnder the title “Little Angels”, the educational programme of the 2nd Athens Biennale run through September, offering the opportunity to young visitors to try out their own artistic inclinations. Organized in collaboration with the artists of the exhibition, the programme provided children with the chance to work and play, familiarizing themselves with sculpture and painting, web art and interactive games. Heaven’s theme was complemented by artistic innocence.



Building Heaven: Andreas Angelidakis

September 19, 2009


Andreas Angelidakis gave a lecture yesterday, in the Glass Building, next to the main venue of the 2nd Athens Biennale 2009 HEAVEN. He walked us through various projects he has completed in the last ten years, and he spoke about the intricacies of designing exhibitions. He described various ideas that inform his work, and how they they played a part in the design of the 2nd Athens Biennale. Those not fortunate enough to have listened to the lecture may find more information on Andreas Angelidakis’s work on his website and his blog. A text covering the process that led to the highly acclaimed design of the Biennale is included in the 2nd Athens Biennale catalogue.


Guide Angels

July 6, 2009


Angels in action! AB2’s  devoted team of volunteers are the spirit of the free guided tours in HEAVEN held weekly. The visitors are thrilled to get to know the works in depth in special 90min tours through the 5 exhibitions of the main venue. The guided tours targeted to the art aficionado and the general public alike are carefully planned by AB’s educational team and one of the things that make us proud, and the public tends to agree 🙂