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Street culture at the Athens Biennale

October 13, 2009


The sound of the Athenian streets resonated through the Athens Biennale during  Heaven’s two day Hip-Hop music event, which brought together thousands of visitors of all ages and 14  music groups. The barriers of “high” and “low” art are being constantly questioned fopr a long time now, in a perfect place like Heaven, however, they just don’t exist.



monument to internet hookups

August 20, 2009

“Monument to Internet Hookups”, a work by Angelo Plessas, takes a ride through downtown Athens, from the Athens Pride parade to its exhibition space at Trocadero Park, close to the main Biennale venue. The work is a new production of the Biennale, part of the “Splendid Isolation, Athens” exhibition, curated by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, and is presented in collaboration with Athens Pride. More photos from “Monument to Internet Hookups” here.


make me look good

July 22, 2009


The overlooked art of portraiture takes a fresh approach at The “Beret from Montmartre” project, part of the Velvet festival. Well known artists recapture the spirit of Montmartre (and even the common Greek island sight of sidewalk artists) doing for free  the portraits of  the audience and passersby. You made me look great!


St Peter was the referee

July 20, 2009


The ultimate football game between artists and musicians was the highlight of the Velvet Days in Heaven  festival. Under an amazing dj set of international and local football anthems pulsating the Water Plaza,the home team of Artists beat the team of Musicians with a score of 4-3, therefore the trophy will adorn the biennale’s headquarters for the next two years


Our nights are better than your days

July 17, 2009


The Flakes performing live just outside Flisvos building, the central venue around which the exhibition “Live”, curated by Papaioannou and Xagoraris, revolves. Electrifying the Faliro promenade.


UFO sighting at Faliro

July 13, 2009


Errands’ installation of a 70’s futuristic house by the sea. The strange spaceship-looking house became a hub for various activities (such as KU’s  live performance in the photo)  and is the ultimate landmark of Flisvos promenade!


Yoga time

July 10, 2009


Its time for Yoga in the work of Benita and Immanuel Grosser! Although the two artists/yoga instructors are not in the venue anymore, the mats and recorded instructions are still available for you to use. So stretch out cause art can be good for your health too


no clouds, just happy hours!

July 9, 2009


The somewhat biblical clouds in AB2’s posters are actually inspired from the sky in Faliro, as you can see from the photo taken at HEAVEN’s cafe by the sea at the Water Plaza, the biennale’s main venue. This is the definite meeting point for late drinks and getting together.


et in Faliro ego

July 8, 2009


Filopappou group has turned the promenade into a lively platform for partying/relaxing/discussing/gathering with their public intervention titled “Et In Arcadia Ego”. One of the most idyllic spots at the Faliro coast and a perfect communal stop-over.


wet wings

July 8, 2009


My Wet Calvin in a ‘mystical’ live performance at Batis beach. The passers-by were curious “is it a new religious sect?, is it a ceremony?”, as paper wings were mandatory for everyone wishing to enter in the tent and a paper-bearded St Peter made sure nobody with clipped wings would enter. Finally the tent was torn and the angels spread in Faliro.


Guide Angels

July 6, 2009


Angels in action! AB2’s  devoted team of volunteers are the spirit of the free guided tours in HEAVEN held weekly. The visitors are thrilled to get to know the works in depth in special 90min tours through the 5 exhibitions of the main venue. The guided tours targeted to the art aficionado and the general public alike are carefully planned by AB’s educational team and one of the things that make us proud, and the public tends to agree 🙂


art gives you wheels

June 29, 2009


Biennale’s intern Kyle Dancewicz (center), a Harvard college student, is giving a tour to twelve of his classmates at the outdoor installations in Water Plaza, using the free bicycles offered by Biennale’s major sponsor COSMOTE.


new house

June 24, 2009


A newly wed couple taking photos in Manfredi Beninati’s “Triangles and Squares Made out of Circles”. Part of the “Hotel Paradies” exhibition curated by Nadja Argyropoulou, Beninati’s work resembling ruins of an imaginary hotel room is already a landmark at the Water Plaza.